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Feel free to reach out. We will respond to you shortly to confirm your appointment.


Feel free to reach out. We will respond to you shortly to confirm your appointment.

ECARO-25 / HFC-125 / FE-25

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Ecaro-25 Superior Clean Agent Fire Suppression

Basic water type fire suppression systems (sprinklers), are designed to protect people and structures. But, when it comes to protecting archives, telecommunications, high value assets, computers and other electronic equipment, water can be more damaging than the fire itself.

Gaseous chemical suppression systems (clean agent systems) have been used for more than 50 years to protect electronics and other valuables that are susceptible to the damaging effects of water-based suppression systems. Clean agent systems such as ECARO-25, HFC-227ea, and DuPont FM-200, are superior to water and dry chemicals in virtually every way:

  • Clean agents are not electrically conductive, and do not damage electronics — water is a great conductor and ruins electronics!
  • Clean agents are safe for people
  • Clean agents leave no residue and require no clean-up
  • Because they act quickly, clean agents greatly reduce the amount of smoke and soot damage caused by a fire
  • Clean agents provide three-dimensional suppression, extinguishing fires where water cannot penetrate

Simply said, ECARO-25 is the best way to suppress fires and protect your high-value assets and business continuity.

Safe for use where people are present, Fike’s clean agent system removes heat and breaks up the fire at the molecular level. And because it discharges as a gas, it leaves no residue and doesn’t require costly clean-up like water or dry chemical systems. Perhaps the most well respected and globally recognized of all clean agent fire suppressants, EARO-25 applications range from computer and electronic rooms to museums and military vehicles.

All clean agents must remain in the protected space for a specified period of time in order to extinguish a fire. Thanks to the unique physical properties of the ECARO-25 agent, the hold time in a 5000 cubic foot enclosure is 27 minutes, compared to a 12 minute hold time for an HFC-227ea system and a 10 minute hold time for a FK-5-1-12 system.

ECARO-25 offers a far superior hold time, allowing more time for trained personnel response and minimal chance for any fire re-ignition.

In addition, ECARO-25 requires 10% less agent per cubic foot/meter than HFC-227ea systems and 37% less clean agent per cubic foot/meter than FK-5-1-12.

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The superior properties of our unique system allow you to utilize small diameter piping over long distances, making it easier and less expensive to design your clean agent pipe network. With ECARO-25, you spend less money on the agent, piping and installation … making it the most cost-effective clean agent fire suppression system available today.

The Easiest Replacement for Halon 1301

Due to the physical properties of FE-25 and the superior performance of the Impulse Valve Technology, ECARO-25 can often work with your existing Halon pipe network. With ECARO-25, you can easily transform your old Halon 1301 fire suppression system into an effective, environmentally-sound clean agent system, with minimal system modifications.

ECARO-25 is the easiest and most cost effective replacement for existing Halon 1301 fire protection systems.

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